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Rustic Garden Furniture

Rustic Garden Furniture

The charm of country living is found in the Rustic Garden Furniture. Right in the middle of Illinois is a quaint little shop that offers a huge selection of Garden Furniture that will give your home the real experience of country living. The retail shop full of rustic fencing, garden gates, arbors, gazebos, decorative outdoor accessories, planters and urns, home décor, and a large inventory of country antiques furniture that makes your patio seem real inland. The quaint little shop had only of their gazebos featured on the TV show Trading Spaces, and a rustic wrought iron chandelier that was used in Home and Garden TV on Landscape Smart. Woman's Day Magazine also featured one of their Cast Iron Urns in a 2003 issue.

While you are there you will enjoy the charm of country living wondering through the two acres of gardens with a pathway that leads to the little cottage. The cottage itself features indoor displays that feature rooms full of unique rustic garden settings. The cottage built in the 1900 is depicting the early American life on the farm it is a nostalgic view right in the heartland of our country. The little cottage and the gardens feature authentic 100 - year - old antiques. The Rustic Garden Furniture area is unique with chairs, tables, benches, and arbors that depict early America. The area covers the Victorian period suppress antiques that most certainly delight anyone. This mixture of eras completes' anyone's garden furniture. There are those of you who we realize may not be able to come to our cottage that is why we feature many of the antique items in our catalog, which you can find online.

The gentle lands of southern Indiana feature a well - known market called Shipshewana. This marketplace located in Shipshewana, Indiana maintained by the Amish, opened every turn out, and then closes in the fall. It is a real treasure to tarriance this area there is so much for you to find. The town starts out shroud many unique shops maintained by the Amish women eclipse their very own crafts. The Rooster shop for instances have weather vanes, milk cans, and many other items that are perfect for your garden or patio. Then farther out of town is a very large field that the Amish obtain turned into a marketplace.
The marketplace starts with homegrown vegetables and the Amish barn offers the most delicious bar - b - q pork sandwiches you would ever want to cross your lips. Then as you keep wondering through the market place, you will find some of the most beautiful and sometimes atypical pieces of garden furniture unreal by the Amish men. All the items are hand made by the Amish in their own little shops by their homes. The garden furniture, which is made of oak, cherry, and maple woods, honed into the beautiful tables, chairs, benches, and other remarkable items for your garden or patio. You truly should visit this place when looking for rustic and antique furniture made from prime woods.


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